Uganda Martyrs' Shrine, Namugongo
The Parish activities and programs are indicated below according to the Archdiocesan offices ministries of sanctification, teaching and governance.
The Sanctifying Office Ministry
1 Pastoral Programs
2 Catechism and Catechists
3 Special Prayer Programs in the Basilica
4 Liturgy and the Choirs
5 Children Ministry: PMS
6 Caritas
7 Justice and Peace
8 Catholic Women's Guild
9 Catholic Men's Guild
10 Health Services
11 Catholic Actions and Movements
12 Ecumenism
Liturgical Program for the Uganda Martyrs' Shrine, Namugongo
Activity Time Target Group Language
Sunday Masses 6am For schools English
8am Open Luganda
10am Open English
11:30am Charismatic Renewal English and Luganda
5pm Uganda Martyrs Mass English and Luganda
Daily Masses 6:30am Open English and Luganda
Holy Hour (Thursdays) 5pm Open Luganda
The Teaching Office Ministry
1 Parish schools and Institutes of Learning
2 Vocations
3 Social Communication
4 Parish Diary
5 The Youth Ministry
6 Religious Education
7 Xaverians, Guides and Scouts
8 Publicity for the Uganda Martyrs
9 Strengthening the Uganda Martyrs' Guild
The Governing Office Ministry
1 General Canonical Administration
2 The Presbytery
3 Human resources
4 Land
5 Development Projects
6 Finances
7 Security
8 Communities of the Religious

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