Uganda Martyrs' Shrine, Namugongo

St. Andrew Kaggwa Muddu-aguma Mugoowa was a Munyoro by tribe from Bugangayizi county but his parents are not known as he was just captured from his home-land by Buganda raiders. He was the king Mwanga's bandmaster-General, the Mugowa.

He was baptized on 30 April 1882 by Pere Lourdel.

The day he met his death, he was arrested at his home and taken to Katikkiro (Chancellor) Mukasa who ordered the executioners to cut off his arm and take it to him before the Katikkiro could eat anything as a proof of Kaggwa's death. Kaggwa's arm was first cut off and taken to Mukasa before he was beheaded and hacked to pieces at Munyonyo. He died in the afternoon of Wednesday 26 May 1886.

Kaggwa is the patron of Catechists, Teachers and Families.

St. Andrew's shrine built near his death point

Status: Saint
Age: About 30 years
Tribe: Munyoro
Place of origin: Bugangayizi
Occupation: Bandmaster General, the Mugoowa
Baptism Date: 30/04/1882
Baptised By: Pere Lourdel
Martyrdom Date: 26/05/1886
Martyrdom Place: Munyonyo,
Manner of martyrdom: Arm cut off, beheaded and hacked to pieces at Munyonyo
Patronages: Catechists, Families, Teachers
St. Andrew Kaggwa, model Catechist and teacher, obtain for us a love of the teaching of Christ.

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