Uganda Martyrs' Shrine, Namugongo

St. John Mary Kiwanuka Muzeeyi was the last Catholic Martyr to be killed by king Mwanga. He was a Muganda from Buddu county. His father was Bunyaga and mother Mukatunzi or Nnamalayo (Monkey clan). Muzeeyi was of Buffalo (Mbogo) clan-Buffalo pumilus.

He was a page of Kabaka Muteesa I and his special doctor (herbalist) without using witchcraft.

Muzeeyi was baptized on 1st November 1885 by Pere Lourdel (shortly before the death of Balikuddembe). He was beheaded on the morning of Thursday 27th January 1887 and his body thrown into Jugula swamp between Mmengo and Namierembe Hills. He was between 30 to 35 years by the time of his martyrdom.

Muzeeyi is the patron of doctors, nurses, hospitals and dispensaries.

Pavilion at Namugongo where the altar is located for the Martyrs day mass on 03rd June

Status: Saint
Age: 30 to 35 years
Tribe: Muganda
Place of origin: Buddu
Occupation: Former page of Kabaka Muteesa
Baptism Date: 01/11/1885
Baptised By: Pere Lourdel
Martyrdom Date: 27/01/1887
Martyrdom Place: Mengo, Between Mengo and Namirebe
Manner of martyrdom: Beheaded and body thrown into swamp between Mengo and Namirembe hiills
Virtues: Charity, Chastity, Christian poverty, Kindness
Patronages: Doctors, Nurses, Hospitals, Dispensaries
St. John Muzeeyi, prudent councilor, renowned for the practice of works of mercy; obtain for us a love of those works of mercy.

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