Uganda Martyrs' Shrine, Namugongo

St. Mbaaga Tuzinde was a Muganda by tribe from Busiro county and of Lungfish (Mamba) clan - Protopterus. His father was Katamiza Waggumbulizi and mother Mmumanyi of Yam Fruit (Kkobe) Clan.

Mbaaga was a page of the audience hall of King Mwanga II.

He was baptized on 26th May 1886 by Charles Lwanga. He is remembered for standing firm despite pressures from relatives and chief executioner, Mukaajanga to make him renounce Christianity. He was clubbed to death before being placed on pyre of the burning furnace at Namugongo on the Ascension Day, Thursday 3rd June 1886. he was 17 years old by the time of his martyrdom.

Mbaaga is the patron of religious vocations ie seminaries, novices and aspirants. The National Seminary in Uganda is dedicated to him. (St. Mbaaga National Seminary Ggaba)

Tree covering stamp of the original tree onto which Martyrs were tied and tortured before being burnt

Status: Saint
Age: about 17 years
Tribe: Muganda
Place of origin: Busiro
Occupation: Page of audience hall
Baptism Date: 26/05/1886
Baptised By: Charles Lwanga
Martyrdom Date: 03/06/1886
Martyrdom Place: Namugongo,
Manner of martyrdom: Clubbed to death before being place on pyre
Patronages: Religious Vocations: Seminarians, Novices and Aspirants
St. Mbaaga, who preferred death to the persuasions of your parents; obtain for us to follow generously divine grace.

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