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St. Noe Mawaggali was a Muganda by tribe from Ssingo county and of Bush-Buck (Ngabi) clan -Tragelaphus Scriptus. His father was Musazi and mother Meme. He was potter to the county chief of Ssingo (Mukwenda) and maker of the earthenware.

Mawaggali was baptized on 1st November 1885 by Pere Lourdel.

King Mwanga II commissioned Mbugano, one of the executioners to kill all Christians at Mityana. When Mawaggali exposed himself, Kamanyi, Mukwenda’s man, aiding Mbugano speared him (Mawaggali) to death. His body was devoured by village savage dogs. This merciless act took place on the morning of Monday 31st May 1886 at Mityana (Luke Baanabakintu’s home where he was teaching catechist). He died at the age of 35.

Mawaggali is the patron of workers, the poor, artists and technicians.

Spot at Kiyinda Mityana where Noe was killed and fed on dogs

Status: Saint
Age: About 35 years
Tribe: Muganda
Place of origin: Ssingo
Occupation: Potter to Ssingo county chief
Baptism Date: 01/11/1885
Baptised By: Pere Lourdel
Martyrdom Date: 31/05/1886
Martyrdom Place: Mityana,
Manner of martyrdom: Speared and saved by dogs
Virtues: Chastity
Patronages: Artists and Technicians, The poor, Workers
St. Noe Mawaggali, humble worker and lover of evangelical poverty; obtain for us love of evangelical poverty.

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