Uganda Martyrs' Shrine, Namugongo
UMSDF was established in June 1989 by the late Cardinal Emmanuel Nsubuga, HE Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala and His Grace Dr. Cyprian KizitoLwanga.\r\nThe basic objective of the Foundation was/is: developing the National Shrine of Namugongo as a Religious, Social, Cultural and Tourist Center. \r\nHis Grace the Most Rev. Emmanuel Wamala, Archbishop of Kampala was the first Chairman of the Foundation for the first 3 years was.
The Objectives of the Foundation\r\n\r\n
\r\nI. To initiate and promote the development of the Uganda Martyrs' Shrine at Namugongo as a sacred place of worship and pilgrimage.
\r\nII. To initiate and promote diversified development at the Shrine and to make it a central sanctuary for spiritual, social, educational and cultural activities.
\r\nIII. To initiate and promote such projects as will make the Shrine more economically viable and self-sustaining. \r\n
\r\nIV. To promote the upgrading of existing ecclesiastical, educational, medical and other facilities and services at the Shrine.
\r\nV. To motivate and stimulate public interest in the welfare and spiritual significance of the Shrine.
\r\nVI. To coordinate all efforts in the maintenance and development of the Shrine.
\r\nVII. To promote and foster increased public awareness in the need for the veneration and in the intercession of the Uganda Martyrs and in their heroic conviction in faith.
\r\nVIII. To promote the development of other places and memorials deserving the honour of the Uganda Martyrs.
\r\nIX. To promote and foster greater spirit of Christian brotherhood by the martyrdom of the Uganda Martyrs.
\r\nX. To promote research in all types of character, behavior and lives of the Uganda Saints.
\r\nXI. To promote cooperation with similar organizations geared towards the development of the Catholic Church.\r\n

\r\n• Foundation membership is open to all adult members of the Catholic Church. Interested Catholics are required to pick, properly fill and return Application forms to the General Secretary of the Foundation.
\r\n• On return of the Application Form, aspirants pay a non-refundable membership fee before becoming full registered members.
\r\n• All members must renew their membership by paying the annual subscription fee to the treasurer or his/her assistant.
\r\n• Full Foundation members are obliged to attend all General meetings and contribute morally, financially, spiritually or otherwise towards the achievement of the Foundation objectives.

\r\n• The Foundation is governed by the Foundation Council elected every after 3 years by the Annual General Meeting. The Council comprises of;
\r\n The Chairman
\r\n Vice Chairman
\r\n Secretary General
\r\n Assistant Secretary General
\r\n Treasurer (appointed by the Ordinary of Kampala Archdiocese)
\r\n Assistant Treasurer
\r\n One diocesan representative appointed by the Ordinary of each diocese in Uganda
\r\n Ten other members elected from among ordinary and lifemembers of the Foundation.
\r\n The Parish Priest of Namugongo as ex-officio
\r\n The most immediate past Chairman of the Foundation as ex-officio
\r\n• The work of the Foundation is carried out in 3 standing committees namely;
\r\n• Governing Office Committee (GOC), Teaching Office Committee (TOC) and Sanctifying Office Committee (SOC). Each of these committees had an executive and each of the members allocates him/herself a Committee where he feels he will serve the Foundation best.
\r\n• Governing Office Committee takes on the role of Planning, Development, Maintenance and Finance Management.
\r\n• Teaching Office Committee is responsible for the general publicity and membership development.
\r\n• The Sanctifying Office Committee is charged with promotion of Martyrs’ Devotion, pilgrimages and Novenas to the Uganda Martyrs.
\r\n• The supreme body of the Foundation is the Annual General Meeting held in April of every year.
\r\n• There is a board of trustees of 5 members; three of whom are appointed by the Archdiocese of Kampala and the 2 are elected by the Annual General Meeting.
\r\n• The Ordinary of Kampala Archdiocese is the Patron of the Foundation.
\r\n\r\nFoundation Secretariat
\r\n• The Foundation Secretariat is situated at the Uganda Martyrs Shrine Namugongo and it comprises the administrative headquarters of the Foundation and a depository for its records. The Secretariat is under the control of the Executive Secretary who together with other members of staff are appointed by the Council.
\r\n• The Executive Secretary is the Chief Executive of the Secretariat and he/she is directly responsible to the Council and is an ex-officio member of the Council and Executive.
\r\n\r\nThe Functions of the Foundation in respective functions
\r\nGoverning Office Committee
\r\nI. To manage and maintain the Shrine and all land, buildings and other property thereat in close liaison with the Parish Priest of Namugongo Parish without undue interference in the pastoral duties and responsibilities of the Parish.
\r\nII. To acquire land and property for carrying out of such projects that would promote the achievement of the objectives of the Foundation and make the Shrine economically viable and self-sustaining.
\r\nIII. To take and accept any gift or property, whether subject to any special trust or not for anyone or more of the purposes of the Foundation.
\r\nIV. To undertake and execute any trusts or any agency business which is conducive to any of the objectives of the Foundation.
\r\nV. To construct, maintain and alter any houses, buildings or works necessary for the purposes of the Foundation.
\r\nVI. To borrow and raise funds in such manner as the Foundation may deem fit.
\r\nVII. To invest the monies of the Foundation not immediately required for the purposes of the Foundation in or upon such investments, securities or property as may be deemed fit.
\r\nVIII. To subscribe to any local or other charities and to grant donations for any public purposes and to provide a superannuation fund for the Foundation's employees and their next of kin.
\r\nIX. To initiate, define and assist in the implementation of any programmes and to carry out other activities as the Foundation shall think conducive to the attainment of any of its objectives.
\r\n\r\nTeaching Office Committee
\r\nX. To prepare and publish periodicals in a form that the Foundation may deem necessary for the promotion and appropriate publicity of its objectives.
\r\n\r\nSanctifying Office Committee
\r\nXI. To participate in the organization of the Celebrations of the Uganda Martyrs’ Day and any other such national functions thereat.
\r\n• The Council sits al least once every three months
\r\n• The Annual General Meeting sits once a year (in April) however, there are other days members meet for leisure and/or to discuss important issues.
\r\n• Annual Pilgrimage on the Sunday nearest to 18th October (Canonisation Anniversary)
\r\nP.O Box 2055, Kampala
\r\nTel: +256-772-760509 / +256-772-326043

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